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Produktfoto Handpan

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Handpan Software Instrument for Ableton Live

15 Samples for each sound recorded

Five samples were recorded with three microphones for three different strengths (soft, medium, loud). If a note is played, one of the 5 samples is played randomly. This way the instrument sounds more natural.

Play handpan without buying a handpan

All 9 notes conveniently on your keyboard

Natural sounding

I recorded 5 samples per sound for three different velocities. Total 15 samples per sound

4 Presets

Original, Reverb, Reverse, Echo Reverse

demo and installation

Listen to the different presets. 
See video to the right

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Each time you press a key, a sample of five is played randomly

Hören Sie die Tonleiter, jeweils die selbe Taste 5 Mal angeschlagenListen to the scale, each time the same key is struck 5 times

Due to the randomness of five samples, the instrument sounds much more natural


The tuning of the handpan is C # Phyrgian with the tones (C #), G#, A, B, C#, D#, E, F#, and G#

Scale first soft, medium and loud

With less reverb

Keyboard layout

Here you see the layout with the notes for this instrument on a piano keyboard. The ding (central note) on C#3 with the other 8 notes around it. On key A2 are knock sounds made with the knuckles. On key B2 are some slap sounds made with the finger by hitting between the notes close to the rim. On C3 are ghost notes made with several fingers around the ding note. On D3 are some vibrating ding sounds.

Do it yourself

check out this youtube channel