Still for essential oils

With a little skill and simple tools, you can easily build a still for essential oils yourself.

Hintergrund Destille Do it your self

Would you like to build a still yourself?

With the help of the instructions in a few steps

The PDF instructions describe on 16 pages how you can build your own still. The instructions contain all the necessary materials and tools. A sample link to a seller is provided for each material. The materials can also be bought in any other shop. Step by step it is shown how the still helmet, spirit pipe and cooling coil are made from copper and can be soldered with the help of a gas blowtorch. A simple old saucepan can be used as a pot still.

Soon you will be able to make your own essential oils yourself. It is also possible to distill fermented mashes with it. In this case, however, the legislation in your own country should be observed, as this is not allowed in some countries.

For a small compensation you can purchase the instructions for the Rosmano still. The still can be built in two to three evenings, depending on the time.

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The self-made still in action

Distillation of rosemary

In the video you can see how I produce rosemary oil and hydrosol with the self-made still. After the rosemary has been prepared, the still is put into operation and, like a miracle, the distillate drips from the cooling coil after a short time. Physics is just awesome!

Essential oils and hydrosols

The hydrosol drips from the cooling coil.

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Don’t feel like building the still yourself?

You can also commission me to build the still. Fill out the form for an offer.