Brew your own beer

Here you find recipes for 20 Liter (5 gallons) batches.

Brewery Wolke

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Craft-Beer made in Zürich

Do you brew yourself and are you looking for a recipe?

Since 2018 I brew in Zürich Craft-Beer in small quantities made along with my own recipes.

Although a beer normally only consists of 4 ingredients, water, malt, hops, and yeast, there are many variants of each ingredient. Not all combinations are harmonious and believe me I had some recipes that I rejected.

So that I can continue working on recipes, I would be happy if you would support me by buying one of my recipes.

Let’s do it – Mashing steps – hop boiling – fermenting.

All steps with quantities [kg, L] (2 pages)

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American Pale Ale

beer glass

Craft-Beer Recipe


dry-hopped and smooth

Vanilla Oatmeal Stout

vanilla shote

Craft-Beer Recipe


Scent of Vanilla, creamy oats

Scottish Export


Craft-Beer Recipe


light and decent bitterness

American Amber Ale


Craft-Beer Recipe


Amber, fruity hopped beer

Scottish Export

fresh hop

Craft-Beer Recipe


dash of whisky malt


beer foam

Craft-Beer Recipe


hoppy, aromatic

American Wheat Beer


Craft-Beer Recipe


Raspberry infused, slightly sour

Recipe Bundle

Bundle of 7 Craft-Beer recipes (each 2pages, total 14 pages) with instructions.



Mr. Pinkman 2.0 – American Wheat Beer with Raspberries

Vanilla Oatmeal Stout – Oatmeal Stout

Hopfensmoothie  – Scottish Export

Let’s do it – American Amber Ale

Battista – American Amber Ale

Skyler – Scottish Export

Herzensdurst – Märzen

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The recipe

How to brew a beer

Basically, the processes are as follows

Mashing, boiling hops, fermenting.

In the video below, a time-lapse of all the steps to brew beer.

bottle pressure

The pressure in the bottle is checked

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Questions about brewing beer?

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